Mirror Aluminum Stucco Embossed Sheet for lamp cover

    Aluminum is a good reflector of light, and this can be improved by having the aluminum sheet polished, mirror aluminum sheet could reflect light directly, but some times no need direct light, need diffuse light reflection, mirror aluminum stucco embossed sheet is good for diffuse light reflection.  Such stucco embossed finish is achieved by processing the natural mill finish material through embossing rollers. This provides a surface, which diffuses light reducing reflectivity and glare. It is used for applications on decorative effects, or to reduce surface reflectivity.

Specification of Mirror Aluminum Stucco Embossed Sheet for lamp cover

Width  400 mm-1000 mm
Thickness  0.2mm- 0.8 mm.
Length:  400--1000mm
Coil   ID:505mm, coil weight is according to client request.
Finish  Stucco
Available alloy  1060,1070

Applications of Anodized Aluminum Stucco Embossed Sheet
    Anodized Aluminum Stucco Embossed Sheet are widely used in making PU foam panels, Lamination aluminium stucco foil coil is an excellent option in industry sectors such as food processing, electronic, pharmaceuticals, hospitals&medical centers etc, where there is a need for provision of high level of air quality and hygiene.


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