Embossed aluminum sheet (coil)

Embossed aluminum sheet (coil)

Embossed aluminum sheet can also be called patterned stucco aluminium metal sheet, which belongs to roll aluminum with various patterns formed on the surface , with concave and convex patterns on the surface of aluminum sheet.

Embossed aluminum sheet can also be called patterned stucco aluminium metal sheet, which belongs to roll aluminum with various patterns formed on the surface , with concave and convex patterns on the surface of aluminum sheet.

Surface-treated stucco embossed aluminum , such as anodized stucco embossed aluminum coil, color-coated stucco embossed aluminum panel, polysurlyn film coated aluminum roll jacketing , kraft paper-coated embossed aluminum coil and mill finish embossed aluminum sheet can not only play the role of decorative landscaping, but also have checkered aluminium plate for anti-skid, anti-corrosion, and thermal insulation properties when used in special environments.

Where is the different patterns embossed aluminum sheets used in our life?

Orange peel embossed aluminum sheet for refrigerator lining, insulation and heat preservation

The orange peel pattern aluminum sheet , also known as the stucco pattern, has a similar orange peel pattern on its surface, and the pattern is beautiful and generous. It is the most common and used embossed aluminum sheet on the market.

Orange peel embossed aluminum sheet

Orange peel embossed aluminum sheet

The orange peel embossed aluminum sheet with anodized surface treatment has the characteristics of waterproof, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, anti fouling, corrosion resistance, etc. Anodized stucco embossed aluminium coils sheet is used for the inner lining of cold storage and refrigerators.

PE color coated embossed aluminum sheet , bright colors with exquisite embossing patterns, commonly used in decoration, cabinets, home appliance panels.

Kraft paper clad stucco embossed aluminum sheet and blue polysurlyn film are mainly used for pipe wrapping, thermal insulation and so on.

Spherical embossed aluminum application for automotive heat dissipation

Spherical spherical embossed aluminum sheet , with ball pattern on the surface, can also be called hemispherical pattern aluminum sheet , double-sided spherical embossed aluminum sheet , concave and convex spherical embossed pattern is like a small pearl, so this aluminum sheet can also become a pearl shaped patterned aluminum sheet.

Spherical embossed aluminum

Spherical embossed aluminum sheet

Spherical embossed aluminum sheet is mainly used for heat dissipation of automobile chassis, engine shield, exhaust pipe heat shield, etc.

The protective sheet of the automobile heat shield is divided into double-sided hemisphere and single-sided hemisphere.

Now the double-sided application is widely used. In particular, FAW Audi uses double-sided hemispherical automobile heat shield, automobile exhaust pipe heat dissipation parts, and automobile engine insulation.

Heat shield stamping parts, heat shield parts, products are widely used in GAC Volkswagen Ford JAC GM and other vehicles.

Mirror finish embossed aluminum sheet for decoration

Mirror finish embossed aluminum sheet using high-quality flat mirror aluminum coils, then concave and convex patterns are processed by pressure on the embossing equipment.

They are usually used as reflective materials for lighting fixtures, which can enhance the light efficiency by more than 60% and save energy.

Cobblestone pattern mirror embossed aluminum sheet , when used as interior decoration, can expand the space to present an illusory effect through the mirror reflection effect, and the rolling surface of its reflection effect enhances the architectural expression of the house.

It can also be used in solar heat collecting and reflective materials, building curtain walls, household appliance panels, electronic product shells, furniture kitchens, interior and exterior decoration of automobiles, signs, signs, luggage, jewelry boxes and other fields.

mirror finish embossed aluminum sheet

mirror finish embossed aluminum sheet

Anti-skid checkered aluminum plate

The main purpose of this kind of patterned aluminum plate is anti-skid and decoration, and it is often used in special places such as cold storage, ships, carriages, stairs, etc.

In addition, it is widely used in furniture, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, carriages, platforms, packaging pipes, screen frames, various Suspension beams, table legs, decorative strips, handles, wiring troughs and covers, chair tubes, etc.

Anti-skid checkered aluminum plate applicationAnti-skid checkered aluminum plate application

Divided by alloy material, the anti-skid aluminum plate has:

1,1060 checkered aluminium plate is pure aluminum, base can adapt to the ordinary environment and has a low price. Usually cold storage, floors, and outer packaging use this patterned aluminum sheet.

2,3003 aluminium tread plate, called anti-rust aluminum tread plate, has a slightly higher strength than ordinary aluminum alloy pattern plate, and has certain anti-rust performance.
But the hardness and corrosion resistance cannot reach the pattern plate of 5000 series, so this product is applied In terms of rust prevention that is not strictly required, such as truck models and cold storage floors.

3,4017 tread aluminium plate has good corrosion resistance and is comparable to 3003 and other 3 series aluminum alloys. 4017 aluminum is suitable for coil coating, powder, etc.

4,5052 5083 checker aluminum plate, with good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance. It is usually used in special places, such as ships, carriage lights, and humid environments. This kind of aluminum plate has high hardness, certain load-bearing capacity and anti-skid effect, more higher strength need requires 6061 6082 checker plate.

Types of pattern anti-skid aluminum plates:

1,5 bar aluminum checkered plate, five-rib anti-skid aluminum plate and willow leaf pattern plate, aluminum alloy pattern plate. It has good anti-skid ability, and is widely used in building (floor) platform design and so on.

Since the patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate are arranged in relative parallel according to five concave-convex patterns, and each pattern has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, this pattern has excellent anti-skid performance.

This kind of aluminum plate is usually used as anti-skid, which has good anti-skid effect and is cheaper.

aluminum checkered plate

aluminum checkered plate

2,Diamond aluminum plate also call one bar anti-slip aluminum plate, which has the same effect as five ribs, but is not often used.

3. Lentil-shaped patterned aluminum sheet is a commonly used style of anti-skid aluminum sheet, with good anti-skid effect, mainly used for carriage, platform anti-skid, cold storage floor anti-skid, workshop floor anti-skid, elevator anti-skid.

The National Standard for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Checker Plates (GB/T 3618-2006) is a unified standard for aluminum and aluminum alloy checker plates.

Corrugated embossed aluminum sheet use for building roof

Corrugated embossed aluminum sheet also call profiled aluminum tile, light weight, corrosion resistance, one third of the weight of steel, often used in civil buildings, warehouses, house roof panels, building wall panels, light weight, convenient construction .

The types of corrugated aluminum sheet s are 750, 825, 840, 850, 900, etc. The materials are pressed with a width of one meter. The wave height is 15mm, the wave spacing is 225mm, and the effective width is 900mm, with a total of 4 bands.

Corrugated embossed aluminum sheet use for building roof

Corrugated embossed aluminum sheet use for building roof

In addition to the above commonly used embossed aluminum sheets, there are also some special custom patterned aluminum sheets, which can be opened with various patterns to customize the patterned aluminum sheets.

For example: rhombus embossed aluminum sheet, checkered pattern embossed aluminum sheet, leather pattern embossed aluminum plate, wavy pattern material, water corrugated aluminum pattern plate, rattan pattern aluminum plate, three-dimensional triangular aluminum pattern plate, strip pattern aluminum plate, cobblestone aluminum pattern plate, triangular strip pattern aluminum plate, butterfly pattern aluminum plate, etc.,

Please enjoy the embossed aluminum sheet atlas of Henan SIGNI Aluminum : pattern of embossed aluminum plate.

What is the common specification of the emboss aluminum sheet?

Performance parameters of embossed aluminum sheet:

Embossed aluminum alloy: 1050 1060 1100 3003 3004 31015 8011 8079

Embossed aluminum sheetstate: O, H14, H24, H26

Embossed aluminum sheet thickness: 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm.

Mechanical properties of embossed aluminum sheet : tensile strength is 50--80, elongation is more than 30, the patterned aluminum sheet produced in accordance with this regulation will not crack, and the stiffness after stamping is moderate.

Width: 10mm~1200mm

Length: sheet or roll special size can be customized.

Features of different alloy embossed aluminum sheets

The chemical composition of 1060 1100 H24 embossed aluminum sheet is 99.6%, more than 99.0% pure aluminum, low cost, belongs to pure aluminum sheet, low strength, high elongation, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, can withstand Various pressure processing, bending 90° without cracking, suitable for anodizing.

3003 3004 3105 H26 H24 Embossed aluminum sheet , containing manganese alloy elements, this product has excellent anti-rust properties, also known as anti-rust aluminum sheet . In humid environments such as refrigerators, air conditioning ventilation ducts, etc., the product has good rust resistance.

8011 8079 Embossed aluminum sheet , with anti-leakage, preservation, anti-deterioration, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, moisture-proof and other functions.

Application of hydrothermal insulation laminated aluminium sheet for swimming pools and roof coverings for the manufacture of capacitors and cable shielding in the electrical engineering industry for covering pipes, ducts, ventilation ducts etc.

8011 8079 Embossed aluminum sheet

8011 8079 Embossed aluminum sheet 

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