Introduction of hemispherical embossed aluminium plate

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Introduction of Hemispherical Embossed Aluminium Plate
Hemispherical embossed aluminium plate is a kind of embossed aluminium plate, the most common material is the 1050A O state, this material is mainly used in heat insulation, such as automobile chassis, heat insulation cover, automobile exhaust pipe shield, etc. because of its advantages of heat conduction, good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, light weight and so on.

Signi’s embossing equipment,  
 (Hemispherical embossed aluminium plate rod body using solid forged steel as a stick, the diameter of the roller is 500mm, the total length of the equipment is 1600mm, and the range after processing is 0.2-1.0mm, and the material is in a soft state. The widest can be machined to 1350mm. A 15 kW motor speed and 400 horizontal speed reducer, the flatness of the semi spherical pattern aluminum production is very good, easy for users in stamping when feeding convenient, stamping products without cracking, compactness and strength just right. (Hemispherical embossed aluminium plate)

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