Oxidation embossed aluminum plate

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Oxidation embossed aluminum plate
Oxidation embossed aluminum is embossed, cut, oxidation and other processes to form the surface with a layer of dense aluminum oxide film quality embossed aluminum.

Features: It is resistant to acid rain, has a long-lasting luster and beautiful patterns. Corrosion resistance and stability, strong adhesion, does not fall off, impact resistance, non-toxic side effects, safety and environmental protection. Product surface clean, shiny, electro-oxidation can eliminate residual oil surface aluminum, manual handling fingerprints. Aluminum foil smooth surface, high light reflectivity. Longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, water vapor barrier performance. High corrosion resistance. Tensile strength to make veneer more crisp.
Applications: Widely used in refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, solar water heaters reflectors, decorative aluminum products, lamps, luggage, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinets, central air conditioning ventilation pipes, indoor and outdoor decoration, mechanical equipment and other industries. After embossing can enhance the thickness of aluminum, strength. Heating and cooling equipment pipe insulation materials and building long sound-deadening insulation material rock wool, glass wool peripheral layer, but also for export equipment, moisture, mold, fire, anti-corrosion materials.
Specifications: aluminum foil thickness of 0.03mm-0.08mm, width 1.2m. After embossing aluminum foil can be thicker 0.1mm-0.25mm, size according to customer requirements.

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