Advantages of stucco embossed aluminum evaporator

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Guide :Advantages of stucco embossed aluminum evaporator 1. Refrigeration speed.....

Advantages of stucco embossed aluminum evaporator

1.    Refrigeration speed: according to the principle of physics, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 237W/mK, the thermal conductivity of iron is 80W/mK, the greater the coefficient of thermal conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity, under the same conditions, the faster the cooling rate, the better the cooling effect.The cooling speed of  stucco embossed aluminum evaporator is 3 times the wire tube evaporator, do a experiment, drop a drop of water on the refrigerator room aluminum board and switch on the power, It's frozen in 5 seconds, the cooling speed is very fast.

2.    Texture of material: aluminium costs more than 5 times the price of iron, the reason why the choice of high cost stucco Embossed Aluminum evaporator, because the aluminum plate evaporator refrigeration effect is best, Ordinary refrigerators using wire tubes evaporator is to save costs!
3.    Solder joint and corrosion resistance: the wire pipe evaporator has many welds, the drawer of the freezing room will contact with the wire pipe joint for a long time, and it will scrape off the paint on the surface of the pipe evaporator, as soon as the paint is scraped, the pipe will rust, the paint powder fall into the food will endanger human health, once the solder joint breaks, the refrigerant leaks out and the fridge is scrapped. The aluminium plate on the surface of the evaporator of the stucco Embossed Aluminum wraps the cooling tube without any solder joints,refrigerant never leaks, safe and healthy.
4.    Bearing capacity: refrigerator freezer drawer and stucco Embossed Aluminum evaporator in full contact, large refrigeration area, uniform cooling, because of the uniform force, the load capacity of the stucco Embossed Aluminum evaporator is as high as 30 kilograms.

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