Coated embossed aluminum sheet

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Coated embossed aluminum sheet

Coating on aluminium sheet with the polyester, and embossed on the polyester coating with decorative pattern, the pattern depth in 0.08-0.12 mm. Coated embossed aluminum sheet
is mainly used in the structure of the coating on the inside, the outer walls, belongs to building decoration materials.

With the continuous improvement of building materials performance requirements, the color layer steel with high strength performance has been applied more and more widely in the construction plant and residential area. But due to the poor anticorrosion performance, color layer steel after five years, the use of differentiation is serious, the coating will cause steel rust tan rust on building a large impact on external beauty, this phenomenon in the tropics, damp and coastal city of performance is particularly prominent.
The color coated embossed aluminum sheet has the advantages of both high strength and corrosion resistance and high resistance. It is now selected for good building decoration materials. The aluminium plain sheet coated with a layer of polyester coating, can ensure that it has good anticorrosion performance and weather resistance, and because of the polyester coating has good elongation, in the process of pressure pattern can ensure the extensibility of the coating and coating without fracture.The coated embossed aluminum plate is not only beautiful in shape, but also improves its anti-wind pressure and anti-deformation strength, which achieves the same high strength performance as the colored steel. Meanwhile, aluminum plate is the main material, which has the advantages of light weight and easy molding.

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